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Jesus Loves You is now streaming and available in print!

Healing isn't going to happen on a global stage but inside of our homes.

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  • Price Family Book Origins About Price Family Books

    Price Family Book Origins.

    These books are to help our generation understand who God is, how He talks, and what Jesus thinks. Anyone has access to a bible and can repeat what He said, but do you know how He feels?

    That’s the difference in religion and relationship, and it’s our aim that these books help establish a physical and tangible relationship, a loving one with Christ Himself and His entire heavenly family.

What if we choose to fill our minds with God's thoughts?

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  • About the author, Matthew M. Price About the author, Matthew M. Price

    About the Author

    These books are written by Matthew M. Price, an American entrepreneur, author, and composer from Lexington, Kentucky.

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Relationship is a dialogue.

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