About Heaven and Earth

Well, ultimately, Heaven is God's home. He made the heavens for Him and the Earth for you

Think about your parents. You may have grown up in their home but one day moved to your own home. That is similar to the relationship Heaven has with Earth. All of us came from Heaven and should end up there soon! But why would you ever have to move out?

We moved to the Earth because we're God's children! Heaven wasn't full of His image bearers; it was full of angels. God wanted a family, so He made you and me in His image. As a Father, part of that thrill is getting to be an active Father and see what children grow up to be with your very DNA and creative authority within them. I cannot WAIT until the day I have children and see my personality manifest in a new child. It will be both thrilling and scary! Haha. I'll see the best parts, but I'll also know the opportunity they have to think differently and make choices on their own beyond my control. These feelings are but a taste and part of the thrill God desired in Fatherhood. It's why He created you, for a relationship that He wants to enjoy today. He knows this, too, the power you have to make your own decisions as a child -- that's why He said you are fearfully and wonderfully made. 

Earth was a gift to us, not a curse! Like an able parent would love to spoil their child with a new house, He made us our own home. God wanted to gift us Earth and see what we would do! The only problem with Earth is that we stopped inviting God over, and He's waiting for the day we welcome Him in, welcome Him home. 

If you pay attention to His heart in the bible, you'll see that Heaven isn't our destination as much Earth is Heaven's destination. God doesn't want to wipe away the Earth or take it away; He wants to come back. And it's as simple as us wanting Him to do the same and inviting Him in. 

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