About Jesus

First, you should know that God (the Father) used to dwell among us freely! Earth wasn't just our home, but His too. However, throughout time and history, and people not believing in God, we asked people to rule among us instead of Him. We wanted a mediator instead of a direct union with God. While this may seem like the most despicable thing in the world, for us to reject God's Fathership this way, it ended up arguably our greatest ask as humanity. Because what God did was send His Beloved Son, Jesus

We wanted to love God through a person. Now we can, through the person of Jesus.

Who is Jesus?

Jesus is God's only Son. (Before He created you, that is. You are God's son and daughter too!)

Why did Jesus come to Earth? 

Jesus came to Earth for several reasons. The first of which was to become a man. Like anything you create, it's one thing to make something and another to live it. So making man in their image wasn't just an idea God had that He never followed through on. God created man in His image, it was PERFECT, and Jesus went the extra mile to become a man to make sure and identify with the frailties of being human on Earth, loving God through faith and grace. 

My sister recently had her first child, and the most fascinating part about watching her newborn is studying his face and how he is learning about his surroundings. I remember holding her son hours after birth, and he was staring into my soul, it felt like, then he looked down at my shirt and stared into its soul. "This is shirt!" I said to him. "One day, you will have one of these too!" 

Jesus was the same way. Could you imagine being God and coming to Earth as new life? How could that possibly feel? He was stripped of His heavenly garment and anointing and started from scratch as one of us to see what it was like. He, too, was a child, looking down, trying to figure out how to work His limbs and realizing He has precious and cute little fingers. And as time passed, Jesus as a child, continued to grow and grow some more, growing in favor with God and man. 

Jesus now identifies with you.

So when Jesus tries to talk to you, He means what He says. Jesus knows what it feels like to be a human, to figure things out on your own. He understands immense joy, and He was wildly passionate. Jesus got mad, was mischievous, loving, and so much fun! He knows what it's like to be loved and understands what it's like for people you've loved to walk away. Jesus knows what it's like to be seen and not be seen. But most of all, Jesus knows what life looks like when you prioritize God's heart, a relationship with Him, and that more than healing is possible, walking, breathing, and living whole is an active promise to every believer of God. 

Sinners loved Him, by the way. He lived and taught the highest standards of morality and excellence, yet He didn't isolate people groups who didn't understand Him. He saw the heart and people and loved them for who they were, not the sum of choices they made. So this enters in another reason Jesus was made flesh. 

Jesus fixes our perception of God and Heaven.

As Jesus was figuring out what it was like to live as one of us and identify with human weakness, He left us so many clues on how to live in union with Heaven. As Jesus came to Earth, He kept His priority straight, which wasn't going to church every Sunday and feeding the poor, for He did not live this way (He was even criticized for it by Christians). Jesus's priority was time with God, one-on-one. Time and time again, this love of God's heart activated everything miraculous about the Jesus we love, and it's arguably the one thing Christians won't do today. We're copying the methods of Jesus while ignoring His heart. But if we'll stop, sit still, and submit to understanding God's heart, how He felt, and who Jesus was, we'll understand who God was and is along and why He came. Not just because Jesus loved and He was in love. 

Jesus is a reflection of God and His divine personality. One we can see clearly!

Jesus was the perfect expression of God, His family, and the economy of Heaven. God modeled Earth after Heaven, you know? So we could learn to be better stewards of Earth if we took the time to realize what's going on and Who existed before we were ever here. I'm tired of listening to people explaining a life they have barely lived. Let's let God and Jesus, the Creators themselves, take time and tell us who we are and how this Earth works! And believe that it does work despite what we've borne witness to this far. Let's not fight His purity with our cynicism and unbelief. 

What Jesus does today. 

So I mentioned humanities most insulting request was our greatest ask, that we wanted a mediator. Well, we have got more than one now in Heaven! Not only did Jesus come to identify with us, to show us how to live and fix misconceptions we had about God, He now ascended back into Heaven at the right hand of the Father and lives to make constant intercession for us. 

Because of His experience, Jesus knows intimately how you feel, and He constantly advocates for you, your well-being, who you're created to be, your divine success in every area and relation of your life despite the mistakes you've made or even what you've done right. Your heart is tattooed on the palm of God's hands and is a hole in Jesus's side. Jesus today is incomplete without you in Him, and we need to make sure everything Jesus sacrificed and gave up was worth it. 

What we can do with Jesus. 

Let's stop living so selfish and motivated by all God can do for us. Let's fall in love with His heart and realize all we can do for Him!

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