When we choose unity, God commands a blessing!

As a parent raising children, you often have to remind your kids what to do ad nauseam. "Clean your room. Please help pick up your mess, start a project, and follow through." At first, as your children are growing up, you don't mind. But the older they get, the more you wish you didn't have to remind children to do the same thing daily. 

I feel God looks at us this way. So often, we hide behind the excuse, "Well, God didn't say or tell me to do," when there are some things we should be mature enough, know how to do, and want to do ourselves. God seems quiet because He's tired of repeating Himself and waiting for us to mature as His sons and daughters. 

Unity is one of the things that God is waiting for us to choose. 

God is tired of telling us to love one another and doesn't want to make us do it. He's waiting for us to grow up, choose peace instead of a sword, unity instead of division, and believe the best in people despite the odds. 

Imagine you have a teenage child. One day you came home. They cleaned their room, did the dishes, and picked up the house and yard, ALL without you asking. It seemed like a typical day to you, but when you returned to see what your child had done, you were undone. As a mother, you'd probably cry. I feel like God is the same. He is waiting for the day where He doesn't have to keep telling people to forgive, clean up their spiritual house, and be ready for Him to come into a clean home. 

God and Jesus have gone to incredible lengths to extend kindness, cleanliness, holiness, purity, and love to us. It's about time we partnered with His heart and helped to do the same.

The day God comes into a clean home is the day He commands a blessing. 

People these days have such a heart for vengeance. We see injustice and want God, the government, or people in authority to do something about it immediately! Getting even with people isn't God's heart, and He doesn't discipline us according to our many sins. God's heart is love, fueled by mercy and grace. What He will do immediately is command a blessing the day we choose unity and being together with our own free will, because we wanted peace instead of being made to do it. 

When we choose to live in unity, it's precious in God's sight. IT IS the healing we've been praying for and crying about. What's delayed our promises, our fullness in Him, is our own will and emotions, and we can change today. 

The day we choose unity is the day God stands up and COMMANDS a blessing! 

Could you imagine that passion of God? With the same passion, power, and quickness we want Him to judge, He doesn't. That's why sinners seem to get away with everything these days. 

But He will respond passionately, immediately, and with power, instantaneously command a blessing over your life, your families, and all those you love when you put down contention, throw away your arguments, and passionately pursue peace, community, and love of others. 

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