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Jesus Loves You is now streaming and available in print!

  • To heal and get better

    We'll have to trust God first, open the door of our hearts, and walk with Him through the Archway of Trust.

Half-hearted love is no love at all. We don’t like it when someone “goes through the motions” in a relationship, yet we treat God the same, and no one seems excited about His heart of love. 

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This book is about how Jesus pursues us in relationship and helps highlight the areas of our life we may have missed His courtship in our life. 

Jesus has been trying to flirt with us, yet we missed His hand in the hole of our hearts. 

Our feelings of loneliness were never punishment but pursuit. We mistook Jesus trying to hold our hand and acted repulsed by His tender touch on our hearts. 

Enjoy a copy for yourself or grab a few to share with those you love.